Joy4kids: fun for children - bowling, minicars tracks, playgrounds.



When fun is children-friendly.

Entertainment for children

JoyVillage offers lots of choices for children and parents, in moments of daily fun and special occasions. Do you want to have fun together with the little ones? Challenge them to the minibowling!
And to organize a special party, we are at your disposal with our staff and our surprises.
  • Mini Cars

    Go fast on your electric toy car. 
    Minicars, maxifun!
  • Playground

    Games for children. 
    Where the fun flies.
  • Mini Bowling

    The game of bowling conceived for children. 
    Mini Bowling for great nights!

JoyVillage Mini Bowling offers real children-friendly tracks

with balls and skittles of reduced in size and weight. Game and physical activity in compliance with the rules. The motor coordination is refined. Find out with your children how fun it is to make a strike with friends!

Here is a place where you can do everything you want.

Free to run around, play, dive, laugh, slip and jump: this playground is designed specifically for children. At JoyVillage your children can have fun in complete safety between balls, paths of foam tubes and slides.

Why not trying to make them little drivers?

With JoyVillage's electric cars, children can choose and safely drive, alone or with their parents. With JoyVillage's baby cars you can drive many laps and the fun always ranks first.

Your JoyVillage awaits you:
Dive into the center of entertainment.